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cscatter problem

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I have a problem with corona 3
Cscatters created by maxscript don't work or maybe there's a difference with corona 2.
Anyone noticed that?
Apart from that Corona 3 is working great, good job devs

Sorry for double posting.
I think the problem comes from the loading of the instanced objects and distribute-on objects because if I load them manually it's working but I have to empty the list then reload them manually.


Thanks for reporting. We will look into this.
Can you tell me what exact maxscript are you using?

I've developped it.
It can save presets and load them. It can create mask for camera clipping and objects clipping.
I'm not a very good coder so it's a bit buggy but was working nice with corona 2.0 and still is working quite well but I have to manually select the repartition object with corona 3.0.

If this is still valid, can you please contact us at and provide the script you are using, or at least the part of it which is used to create the faulty scatter?


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