Author Topic: C4D OCIO and Corona Render ACES OT  (Read 429 times)

2023-01-15, 10:54:14


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Hello everyone, I have an ACES question. New in Cinema 4D 2023 is the Open Color IO Standard and it works as it should with Redshift. But when I render with Chaos Corona, the following question comes up: In Corona Tone mapping there is the ACES OT function. My question now is if C4D and the whole scene has  set up with OpenColor IO , can I still the Corona ACES OT or will it then be added the ACES correction twice? Does the Corona ACES OT only work in the "old" sRGB linear workflow? If so, is the Corona ACES OT useless when use the new C4D 2023 with integrated OCIO. I'm grateful for any help.

2023-01-27, 15:10:50
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Hi there, currently OCIO is not supported with Corona. We are aware of it and may look into it for a future build. ACES OT can be thought of as a kind of ''LUT'' or ''colour correction''. Your internal colour space can also be change if need be in the ''Development/Experimental stuff'' settings.
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