Author Topic: Render server (web client) crashes when launching multiple jobs with 1 frame  (Read 2730 times)

2021-02-05, 11:24:43


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Hi guys,

We've got an issue which has been present for quite a long time now (in Corona 6).

At the moment we are using the render server (web client) in our office and have a number of machines hooked up to it to run jobs.
When we queue render jobs with multiple frames (2 or more) per job, you can start all of them and they'll work fine.
When we queue render jobs with single frames (that split over multiple machines to render) we can only start 1 job at a time. If we start a second of these jobs, the render server client instantly crashes.

This is a rather serious issue which I've already made a ticket about 3/4 of a year ago and TomG acknowledged there was an issue. However this issue is still present at this day and it's causing severe delays as artists have to sit and keep an eye on when jobs finish, so they can start a new one.

So in short:
You can start multiple jobs that render multiple frames fine, but as soon as you try starting multiple jobs that each have one frame, the render server crashes.
You can start 1 job with 1 frame and next to that multiple jobs with multiple frames as well, so the issue is purely with scenes that have 1 frame.

OS: Mac OS version 10.14 / 10.15
Corona 6 Hotfix 1

It would be really nice if this rather serious issue could be tackled in a timely fashion as it's taking up a lot of our time at the moment as well as wasted render farm capacity.



2021-02-06, 18:34:42
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I assume this function works with standard, native, render engines?

2021-02-08, 10:35:11
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I have tested this locally and I confirm this issue, it got somehow lost in our internal ticket repo so I re-created it and will bump up the priority on this, as I can see this being very frustrating.

Thank you for reporting,

(Internal ID=638573395)
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2021-05-03, 08:54:36
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Hey JPeters!

Just stumbled over this post. I recently revived your old post with that problem. The Problem is solved with the v6 hotfix 2.

Here's the link to your old bug report:

I also maybe have a solution there with your problem regarding different results in the rendering.
Hope this helps a bit ;)

Have a nice day!