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[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Scattering System
« on: 2019-01-21, 19:02:45 »
I wrongly published a wish post in "general" forum. It is about Corona Scatter, but we have also had spoken about grasshopper integration via coronProxy GDL object...
Here is the post, maybe could be moved to this forum...

Apparently, there are some (lots of) issues with materials applied to corona proxies.

When proxy has multiple materials, only the material on the first channel is changeable using Archicad's object properties.
texture mappings are not working correctly. Seem like some sort of 2D projection mapping was applied.
Depending on the Archicad object preview style material assignation changes on proxy geometry. When used "surface Box" or "solid box" material is green.
proxy objects material are no being updated on IR frame buffer when tweaking the materials.

Archicad systematically crashes when adding a bunch of lights to "light select" render element.
When adding light one by one, works correctly.

Tested on Archicad20.
Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD Alpha 3 (DailyBuild 2018-11-23)
Corona version: 3 (Release Candidate 4)
ARCHICAD version: 22
Full-speed, Wide RGB
Build: 2018-11-23 aaef6d9ca05846777fd5df2b8a8808ac129ebab8

[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Scattering system
« on: 2019-01-08, 12:48:40 »
Knowing that in al alpha release this shall no be a priority, I would like to encourage you to implement the scattering system available in other Corona plugins.
I consider this a important feature that should be included on future developments.

Anyway, I'am already impressed with the integration you have achieved already.

Congratulations, and keep on with this great plugin. Thanks 

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