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Corona pattern and Railclone


Hi guys,
I've been testing Corona pattern to make a building's double skin made of some sort of fencing grid.
So far, the elements are working well separately, but when trying to use railcone to scatter them, the pattern doesn't seem to be recognized by railclone.
Do you have any idea if there's a workaround ( I could explode the geometry after the RC is done and apply the corona pattern to the instances but it's sort of stupid as it looses the parametric approach of railclone ), or if corona pattern isn't simply supported by railclone ?

I've tried to search for simiilar topics but didn't succeed to find any information about that so far ;(
I attach the tests I've done for you to see how things are going.

Any ideas ?



Aram Avetisyan:

There is no specific support of CoronaPattern with RailClone at this moment. But there are iToo improvements coming, mostly for ForestPack. This may or may not be included.

For the workarounds, depending on the case, you can try replicating what you need with ChaosScatter e.g., using the linear scatter mode. 3ds Max 2023's array modifier can come handy as well.

Aram Avetisyan:
Hi again,

You can try this with the latest daily build, which comes with improved support of iToo software:

Remember to backup your scenes, when opening them in a newer version of Corona.


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