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[solved] render node one over two



I bump into an issue, we recently change our workstation network to 10G.
All node remain with their onboard 1G integrated network card.

I change back my ip adresse to old one, so all licenses could communicate as before ->, ( fixed DHCP managed by our Internet box.)

6 nodes works perfectly, other never run.

And there is the issue; Some node connect and everything fine, other don't, they keep parsing, looking for a master there never find.

I Try:
- reinstall corona 9 as administrator
- rue DR server as administrator
- Check Port 19666 , it is open
- Dr server.exe is allowed trought firewall

any clue ? please


as suspeted, I update every Node to corona 9 hotfix 1 And it is OK
And chaosScatter works on every node now !  yeah !!!

Hi, I hope the issue is resolved now, but if you would ever need some help, please contact us at


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