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Cant enter numeric values of 0.9 - 0.8 in frame buffer

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So you just start rendering anything and then try entering values like 0.8 or 0.9 in the VFB? Where exactly are you entering them? In the tone mapping operator values? If not, can you please show a screenshot where you are entering them?
Also, is there any difference if you use comma or dot? 0.8 vs 0,8
And last question: what exactly happens if you try to enter those values? Does it change to 0 or 1? Or maybe you cannot type at all and nothing happens?

Hi Maru, i think i found more of it
If i put just the " . " or ", " and then the number it will not work   Example   .7   Not working
If i start with the "0" and then "." it works    Example 0.7   Whis works

test made Using the new corona 9.1


We're still not able to reproduce this here in the office, even on Spanish windows.

Can you try and change your region settings to English US?



Aram Avetisyan:

Besides the reply in the ticket I am also sharing the solution here.

The grouping symbol in Region and Language > Region > Additional settings has been changed from "dot" to "comma".
This has also been added to the report.

Fixed in the latest daily which you can grab here:



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