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corona light    .....The model from Wearhouse ..

Thank you for your interest.. I'm new to using the site.. I didn't understand why you uploaded the post from the main page... If there is a problem, please tell me

Are you replying to a comment that someone else has posted then deleted (it looks that way), or do you have a question for us? If you do have a question for us, can you give more details? Thanks!

@Tom, moderation log shows that the topic was originally posted in the main gallery board and then later was moved to the learner's corner by one of the Corona team member, so i guess that the author asks, why his topic was "demoted".

@ajafar33, i can't speak for the person who took this decision, but my guess is that your work is not quite meeting high standards of Corona gallery. I hope you don't take this as offense, but see this as the opportunity to take a second look at your work, ask people what's in their opinion is missing in it and what you could do to improve it. Maybe take a moment and browse the main gallery to study other artists work and take some inspiration. As an artist you never stop learning, you know ;]

thank you


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