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Exterior - Feedback for a newbie


Alessio Iannuzzi:
Hi guys, i'm quite new to this world and i want some feedback to improve my works.
I have tried to recreate the building from this one, and added and enviroment from 0.

Hi & welcome,

images are quite interesting and technically, I don't see anything wrong with them.
Design wise, are full, equally rasterized, making it hard to focus on certain aspect or area. Also, are well balanced color wise, so even when warm tones invite for inner discoveries, reflections (on pond) tend to create conflicts...
... consequently, story lies hidden in front of eyes hungering experience.

As I see, you're familiar with visual rules but now you need to start breaking them to convey a story and give meaningful purpose to attract, please and finally fulfill "prediction".

Alessio Iannuzzi:
Tnx for the feedback.
Thinking of it, something like depth of field can give it more "life", if i understand what you mean, right?

The first thing that hits me in the face right away is the water. First, you wouldn't have waves like that in a pond. Second, if you did have waves, the scale of those ripples would be very small. Mostly you would see a very flat surface on the water. Then you might add a ripple ring or two indicating a bug or small fish touching the surface.

This image shows the scale of any ripples I'd expect to see. Of course, there is something creating them, so either it's very windy, a duck, turtle or fountain.

There is something off with the mountains. They look far away and too close at the same time. The night shot in particular they look wrong. Not sure what it is.

The mountains, trees, bushes all look too clear and the main subject which is the house is lost. Maybe you should see the whole scene from a small angle so that everything is not so straight.
But overall very nice work.


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