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Is Corona stable on Windows 11?

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Hi Team Corona & Forum! Is Corona stable on Windows 11 or is it best to wait for a while? Many thanks, John :-)


we have received some reports and we have been aware of some changes to Windows Scheduler, which influence performance of other applications while running Corona, which can be seen in "other applications lag too much". We will eventually look into it, but given how fast Microsoft is pushing out patches to Windows 11 at this moment, we are waiting.

Other than that, we are not (hopefully not YET) aware of other issues with Windows 11 and Corona.


Thank's Jan! Think I'll hold out for a while... Why fix something that ain't broke :-)

I know this is a very old topic. I'm having the issue at every Windows11 startup. These two windows never get closed automaticly. And I have to activate licence manually.
Anybody else having the same issue?

This is known issue with some Windows update. The solution is to install older Chaos license server, or wait for a fix. You can read more about this here:


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