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Converting from physical material TO corona material?

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If you have a scene that has been converted to physical materials can they be converted back to corona? I know corona can render physical but was hoping not to need to work with multiple material types.

Just pasting from the support ticket so that other users are aware too:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert the Autodesk Physical materials. We are aware of this limitation and have it logged in our internal task tracker. We can expect an improvement here in the upcoming versions of Corona.
​As a workaround, I can recommend using the "convert by class" option in the Corona Converter script, which will convert all Autodesk Physical materials to default gray Corona materials (see the attached screenshot).

This is a giant limitation for those who work with Sketchup. I don't understand what's changed behind the scenes, but previous converters in previous Max releases have worked fine.

Since updating to Corona 6 hotfix 1 and Max 2021, no imported sketchup models have been able to convert physical to corona mtl. The workaround mentioned is as good as applying a blank material to your entire model, which obviously ruins the possible hundreds of materials and maps previously set up in Sketchup.

My "workaround" to this huge problem now is to use Max2021 scene converter and set the rule to convert Physical mats to Vray MTL, then run the Corona Converter to convert to corona mtl.

Hope this gets fixed ASAP.


Ferrarod, how r u converting from physical to Vray?

*Edit: nvm found it, manualy make the rules as such... thanks for the tip, have the same issue with 100+ materials in sketchup import :-))

Welcome to 2021!?

It should be easier with the new PBR material in v7 once it's released. But in general, anyone can set up rules for conversion with the new built-in converter in max, it's just a matter of sitting down and setting it up. If your work depends on it, it's probably better to invest a few hours and have them available for future projects.


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