Author Topic: Corona SUN&HDRI  (Read 7125 times)

2016-12-15, 18:46:52


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Hi all
I've found this script witch find and bind the sun to an HDRI, but it's only for VRay...

As there are a lot of amazing artists here who are so talented in scripting, I was hoping of this kind of script for Corona...
Hope I've posted in the right category ;-)

2019-03-19, 17:18:45
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hi guys!

Is there anything new since ? I watched this tutorial which link Corona sun and HDRI on coronarender youtube channel but it seems that we cannot keep using this method in 3DS max 2019... missing parameters (Uoffset)

thanks for updating the topic ;)


2023-01-06, 03:51:08
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Sini software has this feature. Under Sini Illumi.