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Team Render with old iMac 2011...


Hi Corona Forum!

Hope you have all had a good weekend. I have a old iMac 27" i7 with 18GB Ram. I have C4D R23 TR installed on it and tried to install the latest Corona on it but needs OSX 10.14. I's only got 10.13. Can I use another version of Corona on it to be able to use it as a render node? Thanks, John :-)


the most recent corona version will always run only on the last 3 macOS versions, as those are the ones supported by Apple itself.
Additionally, in order to have Team Render working properly, you need to have the same corona versions on all machines contributing to the TR.

So unless you're willing to downgrade to a corona version, which supported 10.13, this will not be something that would work in a stable manner.

Thanks for understanding,

Even if it could run the latest version, I guarantee that old iMac will slow your overall render times. I stopped using those machines (we still have a few) years ago since they were just too slow. Your faster machines will be waiting while that thing finishes. It's just not worth it. Better off letting the newer machines do the work.

Hi Both,

Thank you for clarifying this :-) I can still use it as a trusted HD server & old legacy pre-R19 converter. Bless the old Mac, LOL!


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