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save .cxr file from save output ? (like from renderfarm)


Hi All,

is there a way to set corona to save a .cxr file at render end, automatically in the c4d version (as inmax)
the c4d output settings do not have the cxr file as choice,
the vfbis a manual save which deoesnt work if i send a job to a renderfarm.

any idea howto force a cxr output so i also get it from a renderfarm like rebus?

i know an exr is almost similar, but i hope tohave an option toget a cxr


Hi Stefan,

Saving cxr's from the picture viewer is not yet supported. We hope to add this in a future release. Have you tried enabling ''Automatic saving on render end'' from the Corona preferences? More on that here:

the save on render end i also thought of, but i found no wayto set the file format.

if it saves a cxr anyway that is very good ndews.i try that asap!

thanksfor this infos:)

No problem, I hope it helps. Just remember to disable it when you're done. Otherwise, you will grow a nice collection of files there ;)


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