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path-urgent, please!!!

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hello!! I don't understand why, but Corona desappear (version7) from my C4d versions; I just want to re install, but it seems to "see" only the r17, not the r15 and the r20 I work always; The only explanation is that I uninstall some soft I didn't want (like PCrepair) ans maybe they goes with parts (dll) necessary?? well, I don't know anyuthing about that... How to re install corona , and show it the path to all the versions of c4d ??? thank you for help!!!

oh, I forgot: the instyaller "see" only the r17, which is... u,installed on my computer!!! strange!

I've tried to use "custom" and manually just check the r20; all the install is clean, I have the finished message saying it's ok, but corona isn't inside the r20, when I open it!... what happens!!!!

well, it's really complicated;  although the installer seems to work, and ends up with a successful installation message, corona does not appear in c4d r20, or r15, the two versions i use; i tried the procedure indicated in the help, but i can't find "microsoft dependencies" anywhere; corona has been impossible to install for the past two days!!! thank you for an urgent help!!!I've tried to submit a ticket, but the catcha always doesn't work; (it's just: checked I'm not a robot);   if it is impossible to install corona after an update (probably) of windows, impossible to submit a ticket to technical help, what is possible to recover the software??????


Hi there,
Let's go step-by-step...
First, if the captcha is not working properly on your web browser, use a different one. If it doesn't work with any browser, then simply send an email to, and it will automatically create a support ticket, and you can continue receiving support by replying to the emails you will receive.
Secondly, are you re-installing the software over the previous installation? Or, did you completely uninstalled it first and then used the installer? (making sure to delete any Corona Renderer files located in the plugins folder at every C4D version)
Have you looked for a solution at our helpdesk?


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