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Hi i have a question. I'm going to buy a new PC with an AMD processor, my other PC has an Intel processor. Can the PCs use the team renderer together or can errors occur there?

Thank you :)

Should work just fine. My main machine is an AMD, my two nodes are Intels, and I use TR all the time (right now, even as we speak, in fact :) )

It will work perfectly. I've used Mac Trashcan, iMacs, i9 Windows and Xeon E5 Windows machines and they all work fine together. That's one of the benefits of Corona being a CPU renderer. You would never be able to do that with GPUs since most wouldn't have powerful cards in so many computers.

Maybe @TomG can shed light on this using Corona, but with C4D's Global Illumination system, you would need to save an Illumination cached solution first, then load that when sending to Team Render. This insures the very tiny differences in how CPUs calculate things won't give you frames with slightly different light solutions. This could give you flicker in your animations.

I have not had to deal with flickering for the most part using Corona. Only with super reflective surfaces and bad material settings.

Thank you for the quick and detailed answers :)

On my three different machines, have not run into flicker with how each calculates the cache (the two Intels are different Xeons from each other too, so it is three different CPU configurations). I never save the cache but I am not sure how I would make sure it gets sent / is usable on all three machines :)


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