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3ds max vs C4D

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I've been using max for almost a decade for archviz.

I'm tired of its lack of progress and it's instability and thinking about switching to c4d for archviz
What are people's experience doing so?

Looks like most capabilities are there. 3ds max looks better on paper but it just never works as advertised.

My main concerns would be uv mapping - spline mapping and rws mapping are concerns. Ideally I just want to drag and drop my megascsn, substance and have the materials be the right scale. The poor substance integration in max is an issue. Looks better in c4d.

The manager in c4d looks a lot bttter as well. The unfortunate thing is that most of my objects are in max format and as far as I know these can't be converted. This is a huge issue and I'm wondering if there's a workaround.

Scattering and painting all looks doable.

I wonder how importing from revit or rhino works? Rhino importing is extremely finicky in max despite the many options available.

In the end. On paper max still looks like th smarter choice. Using it feels different though: it gets bloated and files eventually get unstable despite cleaning. Also plugins constantly need to be updated and material integrations are buggy. It takes twice as much time to troubleshooting or as to actually do the work.

My instinct is that c4d would just work without all the scattered logic buggy mess. I'm wondering if that instinct is correct.

I'd advise just giving it a try witjh a trial version. C4D is very UI friendly and logical. And I find their CAD importer to be excellent. But it has its drawbacks too.
(The UV system used to be pretty poor, but it has recently had a overhaul apparently.)

Companies like Slashcube get away with it being their primary tool so it obviously can work OK.

The main problem with swapping is not the software in my experience - it's that your working habits are oftem so ingrained that its hard to break free from them, especially if your working on 'real' projects all the time.

That's what I'm doing.

Unfortunately it will take a while to get all the resources for C4d. The logic of the interface in c4d is a breadth of fresh air. It's a little thing, but right off the bat, I love not having to select my object then go to my modifier stack.  The absence of individual "per-object" sub-object levels is also no-brainer.

UV mapping is usually a headache in max as well. Architecture UV's aren't usually thought of as complex but they often are because the tools to deal with them aren't really there.  When I have complex surfaces, I rarely want to peel, pelt or relax or even flatten them, but spline map them.

BTW I don't know if anyone knows of a plugin to spline map. The 3ds spline mapping is hit and miss.

I will give c4d a try, slowly. Next up is to test its revit import.

JF, this plugin is a bit pricey, but it may be what you are looking for:

Downloaded the trial version of C4D and bought a subscription to Greyscalegorilla to get me started.
So far I like it, I've been playing around with mostly Redshift, it feels a bit slow and choppy, especially the IPR version doesn't compare to the one in Corona.
Also, no matter how hard i try, I just can't get very good looking renders out of it. But that's probably just a "me" issue...
Corona works just fine, my only concern is UW mapping and the availability of 3D assets. My trial expires today but I'm not sure if I'll pull the trigger and actually buy a license.
I probably would if i felt Redshift was at the same level as fstorm or octane.


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