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Adding another script useful when working with multiple Corona versions using the "multiloader" option. This one logs the state and value of the environment variable


into Max.log. Using multiloaders you can even switch your local renderfarm or dr slaves to another version by setting this environment variable. To check if everything is setup correctly, use this one as a startup script.

Good Luck

Attaching a script to make it easier to work with different Corona versions, use it as a startup script. It issues a warning if the currently active (major) version is different from the (major) version in which the just opened scene has been saved.

Good Luck

I am getting somehow much lower parsing times than normally, thats one thing (not sure if this would be the cause with more than one frame preview tough).

This may be caused by different embree settings for IR and production rendering. But usually you get more rays/s when using the production acceleration structure. There are scenes (only few instances, large meshes) which are awfully slow using IR compared to production, so it depends on the scene.

Another would be a really fast animation preview using "fast preview denoise" - is there a way to turn this on when rendering frame sequences? If not this is the reason why. I am getting decent image preview after 10 - 20 seconds, ideal for rough animation.

The "Fast preview denoise" is the same as choosing "NVIDIA GPU AI" in Render Setup -> Scene -> Denoising -> Denoising Mode. So yes, you can use it for a frame sequence.

How a screen recording would do me good here? I cant set it for multiple frames with Corona render?

Yes, you cannot. That's why I wrote "in case of free navigation" (sometimes I use IR + screen recorder + 3D mouse to record the state of a model).

So it seems what remains is that you would like to use IR because of lower parsing times. Would be helpful to see a comparison from one of your scenes regarding parsing + rendering (the "Stats" tab from Corona VFB) for example an HD image with 10 passes respectively with comparable noise/noise level (10 passes IR do not equal 10 passes production regarding quality). I don't expect any large difference if you set production render settings low enough (this is what's happening when starting IR internally as well for a few values).

Good Luck

What would be different to production rendering and lower settings? Or screen recording in case of free navigation?

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: Render Effects
« on: 2021-10-11, 19:53:09 »
Not as RenderEffect afaik - "on apply" is just not called for whatever reason. We had a thread about this years ago. Personally I switched to hook into the postrender event with a shared (centralised) startup script and do my stuff there by either calling getlastrenderedimage() or pulling (in case Corona is active) Corona VFB output by CoronaRenderer.CoronaFP.getCFBContent. where you can include post processing like bloom & glare.

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: RAM problem
« on: 2021-10-07, 14:48:23 »
Is it possible to get this fix as a hotfix in Corona 7?

Exactly my thoughts. Sounds scary and unpredictable - smells like Hotfix hopefully.

Good Luck

Looks like a smoothing group issue then. Try to add a smooth modifier on top of the glass. Presumably the glass of the building is one object/mesh (imported).

Good Luck

Please bring back the old converter (convert to Legacy Material) as an option.

I've been fighting for this unsuccessfully during v7 dailies. But you can do it manually:
  • get a Corona v6 installer
  • use the "unpack files" option and extract the files somewhere
  • go to "Autodesk\3ds Max [xxxx]>\scripts\CoronaRenderer (the Max version does not matter, it's the same script for all)
  • copy "" to <3ds Max directory>\scripts\CoronaRenderer\

You can start it manually from there, or use the attached button/script for convenience. Result: if you press the converter button of the official toolbar, you get the current converter. If you press the button of the script, you launch the old one. You can have both side by side.

Good Luck

Edit: attention, this is not a supported scenario. It is not assured that the old converter will work in future Corona versions. And it should be considered as a temporary workaround anyway.

Your version is vanilla v6. Hotfix 2 is from Apr 20th 2020. It's right in your screenshot. And this is why DR during rendering on/off works for you.

The point is: this feature does not work in the new version, but it is very necessary.

You should go over to Feature requests and reclaim it there...

Good Luck

If that "6" in the renderstamp is the result of the "%bn" token then it's not v6.2. Could you please have a look at Render Setup -> System -> About Corona Renderer/Licensing? Also, the title bar of render setup should read "Render Setup: Corona 6 (Hotfix 2)". Does it? And in your screenshot you can see "(hotfix on Apr 20th 2020)". Your date is the one from v6(.0)

Good Luck

Then you are not using the latest official v6 which is v6.2, correct?

Good Luck

It works even in version 6.

I don't think so :)

Good Luck

In all versions, I could enable distributed rendering during rendering.

Corona v5 was the last version capable of switching DR on an off while rendering unfortunately. I fully agree that a very useful and exciting feature has been removed. To my knowledge, it has been a kind of pawn sacrifice to fix some related bug(s). Pawns, however, play an important role in daily project games and I want this one back as well :)

Good Luck

@Maru, see old bugtracker (4 years old) and ID=323891067

It's both a pain - animating visibility of objects with volume effects applied (you have to animate absorption color to white additionally) or handling this internally in a proper way by Corona I guess :)

Good Luck

Would be cool if there would be a simple OSL solution. Currently I would still do that kind of variation (and more) using BerconTile + MultiMap.

Good Luck

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