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* interactive fixed speed problems (the difference should be HUGE)
* interactive: fixed hair&fur modifier


* removed some of the motion blur stuttering when 3dsmax time precision limit is hit
* fixed interactive + xref scenes
* doubleclicking image in VFB will fit the VFB to its size
* fixed crash when Falloff in fresnel mode is plugged inside IOR CoronaMtl slot
* MUltimtl on/off works correctly when submtl IDs are changed inside the multimtl
* fixed date in CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.getCoronaVersion()
* made render() maxscript command work
* made substance work with noninteractive rendering. It remains broken with interactive rendering, though, and probably cannot be fixed.
* fixed CScatter sometimes creating not-so-random distributions


* made multitexture in bercontile mode work (in regular rendering, not interactive)
* fixed bidir/VCM being too blurry with image filters
* improved sampling of dim reflections on diffuse/refractive surfaces


* some tooltips wording improved
* fixed assert when closing licensing and DR server from tray
* renamed DrConfigA7.2 to DrConfig-1.00
* fixed crashes with displacement + bitmap textures

ok, lets try first daily build after the release.

- Changed the VFB sidebar to be on by default
- Possibly fixed some of the hangups on scene parsing. Testing will be necessary to see if there are still any problems left


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