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Pseudo-colour exposure control

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I've just given a try to Corona renderer and encoutered huge problem - Corona doesn't work with pseudo colour exposure control... It's the main and most simple thing to find accurate lighting solution in 3ds max... I'm lighting designer and I'm using 3ds max to do projects and visualisations in my everyday basis, but to make my projects realistic (that later after realization in real world it works pretty much the same as on visualisation) pseudo color exposure controll is a must! Designer needs to know how much light is on the surface, whats average illuminance or luminance. And pseudocolors show that information independently from photographic exposure control, brightness, contrast etc. It's just a raw information, about light values... It also helps to check if IES files worked correctly. For now, Corona is useless for me, unluckily....:(

Maybe a new element like this?
I don't understand:P Like what?:

Yes please, is the answer :)
Pseudo colour always works as a render element, also with Corona, but everytime i check it to be displayed it renders nothing and automatically uncheck "display element". This function is a must to creaty physically accurate lighting! :) How often is Corona being updated?


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