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This daily builds system was discontinued after the release of Corona 1.0. Now everyone with FairSaaS or Box with Subscription license can access daily builds without making any requests first. This thread is preserved only as an archive.

We have implemented a new system for daily builds, because the old one stopped working: there were hundreds of people in it, but only a small fraction was actually active and provided us with some feedback. This means all current activations were removed and new ones will be issued.

Daily builds are available at this URL: - folders with date in the name contain complete builds for 3dsmax 2012 - 2015, with assert and legacy versions for 2013-2014. I can start making builds for other versions if needed. Alternatively, I can share the folder with you directly in dropbox if you include your dropbox email in the request

When first running daily build, it ask for a licence. To get it, you either need to be invited, or send a request to containing:

* Your email address - we send the key there, and also use it to announce important features for testing and for mailing some surveys on development
* Your name and/or nickname
* Your job title and company you work for
* Short summary of reasons why you believe you should get access to daily builds. These can include for example your portfolio (done with Corona or other software), your past involvement in the Corona project, your experience in the field, your influence on the decision making process in your company, you being a software developer, etc. Compelling list of reasons will greatly increase your chance to get in. Just posting a link to your portfolio or stating that you will be actively testing is usually not compelling enough.Long-time users that I know personally can of course skip last point, but we would like them to also provide the rest of the info

The application must be in english (not google-translated) - we are interested only in english-speaking testers. We cannot utilize feedback in other languages. Applications in any other communication channel (private messages on forum, facebook, ...) will be ignored! We are looking only for commited professional users who are able to provide good feedback and report bugs. Casual users should use stable build (Alpha v7, Alpha v7.1, etc.) instead! We will request users to test some specific build from time to time - for example before launch of next stable version. Inactive testers will be removed from daily builds.

We will let you know if we approve your application. If we do not reply within a week, you can consider the application to be rejected. We unfortunately do not have enough time to answer everyone.

As a compensation for the inconvenience, the first build containing SSS/volumetric scattering was just uploaded :D

Done ! :p

Can't wait to test your new baby guys, you rock !

Done too. Waiting for the Xmas mail with authorization. :)

good thing you mentioned it also here, the email went to spam for some reason :/


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