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--- Quote from: shortcirkuit on 2024-05-09, 01:14:00 ---sounds exciting....

@devs - can i ask something, one thing that has bothered me for years and i dont know the mechanics of what goes on behind the scenes in terms of code.  But the heavier a scene gets, the more longer it takes for parsing/IR to work.  Sometimes, on repeated IR activation's, it takes over 20 seconds or so on heavier scenes.  Now, i assume its taking longer obviously due to geometry/poly count + the increase in textures etc.... if this is the case, wouldnt it be possible to pre-load these (cache) them in so that it starts quicker?  & any NEW geometry/texture additions should be calculated from scratch and loaded into cache? again, i have no idea about code and its way out of my depth but i was just wondering if it was at all possible.

Because the thing is this.  I moved to Corona many moons ago due to its ease of use.  It got rid of the technical aspect that vray had in terms of scene setup/settings.  It just works.  However, with heavier scenes, i feel as though there is a bottleneck in terms of optimisation.  Scenes get heavy and slow, IR works poorly and we are left to our own devices to figure out how to optimise.  Scenes tend to feel 'dirty' if that at all makes any sense.  Apart from what i mentioned above and ive said this before, it would be awesome to also, in the short term, provide a dignostic tool to help us understand where teh bottle necks are.  WHY the IR is taking long - is it a 320MB TIF file?  is it loading multiple proxies or a 300,000,0000 polygon item that has turbosmooth set to show only during render (which has a iteration of 5) - a diagnostic tool is somehting that i feel can be achieved relatively easy as its jsut data, data that is currently understood by Corona - we just need it transposed to meaningful and clear text to us, the users....

anyway, hope this all makes sense.

--- Quote from: TomG on 2024-05-08, 14:54:43 ---Just lots of stuff needing doing before a daily comes out, big blocks of code that can't be released in stages; and then in combination with the last week or so being full of statutory holidays meaning things move to next week or so. On the plus side, should then mean a lot in that next update, including the first appearance of "export to Vantage" functionality.

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The new error log shows you the heaviest scene items as well as the heaviest textures but possibly only if you run low on RAM. Having this as a diagnostic feature on its own would be good but i totally agree that as clients request higher res images, and we are required to put more and more detail in both geometry and textures to support the resolution we need better ways of optimising scenes. Revit models in particular seem to take an absolute age to begin rendering and ive got no idea why.

Hi Devs, i tried to open a scene from 2023 - it crashed (using latest daily).  I installed latest hotfix, it opens.  Tested on 2 different scenes.

Aram Avetisyan:

--- Quote from: shortcirkuit on 2024-05-28, 07:54:52 ---Hi Devs, i tried to open a scene from 2023 - it crashed (using latest daily).  I installed latest hotfix, it opens.  Tested on 2 different scenes.

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Please attach the scene and minidump if possible and we will have a look.
You can as well send it over with via ticket at


I am using the latest daily.

-Adjusting the colour of an element in the lightmix (the "white box" leads to a crash.
-In the compact material editor, clearing/ deleting a multimaterial leads to a crash (this have been going on for several months, not just the latest build).

Can anyone reproduce those?



please read this article and provide minidump and/or scene if possible.


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