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The new Tile Map was added in today's daily. Share your results, share your feedback!

Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:

Don't forget to take advantage of things like the multiple input/outputs so you can separately control color, bump, displacement, etc. all from the same TileMap. And of course make use of the new "by Tile id" option in the MappingRandomizer and the MultiMap.

Nejc Kilar:
And a doodle from me as well, probably in contention for the weirdest camera angle of the year 2023.

It seems Corona tiles is a map i didn't know i need. Thank you Corona team! I'm sure people will raise lots of suggestions how to enhance and improve it and here's one from me - i think blurring parameter is crucial for this map, especially when the map is used for displacement, those jagged edges doesn't look nice.

I don't like how tiling behaves when switching between 0-1 and RW mapping. Why does size multiplier has to be converted to 1 when in RW mode? It makes unnecessary mess with tile width, height and gap when switching back to 0-1 mapping. I think it would be much better if the switching between modes would be handled exactly like it is done in native and Corona bitmaps. It's much simpler and less confusing.

My applause to corona legion, you have done a great job with corona tilemap. It's awesome, thank you very much. Something like this was missing from too many years ago. The only drawback I can say is because there is no herringbone pattern. I know you can make customs, but do customs allow the diagonal tile?

Thank you


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