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AI what are peoples thoughts ? I think we are in for big change.

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--- Quote from: frv on 2023-05-21, 02:42:19 ---A bit like Google Maps showing you the best route with the shortest drive or the one most scenic right into the lake ;- ).

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I know this is likely an 'Office' reference... but still a bit disconcerting knowing you've been driving around Norway a lot recently. Are the machines still dry, Juraj?

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Heh I had mostly this recent woman from Hawaii in mind :- D

AI is not replacing anyone really. BIM was the next  big thing years ago but no matter how big the project all involved in any meeting are folding out A1 or A0 sized prints to discuss. At least that is my experience. Even when clients hire human intelligence or experience they still do what they want regardless of the outcome...

But aren't those printed drawings from BIM?

I can imagine architect bringing simple BIM (even SketchUp) model on iPad to meeting and just letting the AI quickly illustrate it in style.

The team must definitely incorporate several AI features into the software within the next six months. For example, creating PBR materials with the help of AI. These materials could be modified later just as if we had created them ourselves. Then, noise reduction using AI, animation creation using AI, which is further accelerated by the new AI noise reduction. Environment creation could also be possible (trees, grass). Undoubtedly, a new era is beginning in 3D design as well.

About CGI
Soon your 'Windoes' and its fellow agents gonna make stuff for you directly, w/o any 3rd party app, and Adobe suit 'dreams' already... none can beat "AI" head-on - especially after one starts communicating w/ it subjectively (it's grandiose deception) :P think!&do 'cuz machines don't (are merely determinated objects to mimic and fool).

Enjoy The Comfy bubble (; 


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