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I recently was a bit confused not finding any link or information about corona-renderer on the main chaos website even not on the product page or ecosystem.

Enscape and Vantage is listed as well as chaos cosmos etc. and even cylindo has a prominent link at the bottom of the pages - so why not chaos corona?

Is this a business decission not promoting chaos corona in favor for vray or the other solutions? *
Feel its a bit odd to just know the "" when its basically another product of chaos.

It's just that this is an epic task, with much complexity, to blend what is now 4 websites into one at some point. Exactly what should be done and how is always under discussion, and of course the goalposts have kept on changing since the rebrand of Corona as things have moved fast with new acquisitions. Add to that there is the technical aspects of how to keep everything functional too. So it's been planned for a while, but we want to be sure it is done right if and when it is done, so it hasn't happened yet :)

I would have expected at least  a link or the icon at the bottom of the page ... like for enscape any cylindo - to link on the corona-renderer site.

doesnt seem so far of an effort to put it there, for my understanding :)

But good to know its not a business-decission not showing it - I hope so.

How else would anyone learn about epic Cylindo lol


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