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The Great Summit - Texture Manager 2 out now!


Hi Forum,

Happy Friday! Thought I'd post here about TGS brilliant Texture Manager 2, a totally amazing texture manager for all your PBR materials. It creates all the channels (diffusion, normal, displacement, etc) in one simple click. I have the whole CGAxis library and to create a lib manually would take month! Takes a bit of time to render the previews but very good as a central hub for all your textures. Well worth 49 euros! For Corona I did find you have to remove the reflection search strings to get the right previews.

A link maybe?

Hi Romullus,

LOL! Yes, that would be helpful! :-)


i had version 1 which didnt work so well (old vray only, half rs mats, no displacement etc)

how one can update from v1 to v2?
does v2 work better than v1? do you have tested this?

if it works well this might be a good helper for making RS and octane material versions for my libs:)


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