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Check out our newest lister and share your feedback please! :)

Yesterday had a scene with more than 100 lights objects; the moment I selected all with the lister and max froze.


--- Quote from: tallbox on 2023-05-16, 08:30:39 ---Yesterday had a scene with more than 100 lights objects; the moment I selected all with the lister and max froze.

--- End quote ---


Thanks for reporting this, which daily build are you using?



--- Quote from: michaltimko on 2023-05-11, 10:10:38 ---I like new proxy lister, its snappy and fast but for managing huge amount of proxies, id love to see some features from 3rd party script (CoronaProxyLister) but not sure if its possible to implement them this way.

- manually selecting proxy file in the scene which is instanced and part of the "instance group" is not highlighted in new proxy lister. So basically selecting any proxy which is instanced = you cant find highlighted in proxy lister.

- would be possible to add toggle to disable grouping of instanced proxies ? I basically have no idea where to look for specific files becase all i see are just groups (filename visible but important is how is file named in the scene) >

- I would love to see ability to use shift and ctrl while making selection instead of clicking on "sel" button. Selecting 150 unique proxies which are randomly spread in the scene by clicking "sel"  button is very time consuming. It would take 5s to just hold shift and select first and last >

- I also miss ability to change properties of group of proxies which are not instanced. For example, i have 200 unique proxy files in scene but i want to quickly select them, change previz type from wire box to point cloud. In CoronaProxyLister i can do it quickly by selecting said proxies in the scene and with click of one button change previz type for all of them >

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Great feedback. +1 to every point.

Ink Visual:
I was about to write some feedback after trying new lister but I will just second this post instead.
I agree with every single point. Lister is heading in good direction, but in case of proxies, I cannot see using it instead of Corona Proxy Lister plugin, all the funcionalities mentioned above are a must for new lister to become user friendly.


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