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How To Animate Corona Light Mix From One Frame

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TLDR version.
What aforementioned "beginner user" sees in Corona and what he gets fallowing the tutorial:

We know how Corona works. The question is how to achieve a similar result in post. Photoshop is no good, as you can't create animations with it. Also Photoshop does not have this problem, with EXR-IO installed, on loading the EXR it displays correct and is not too dark. The whole point here is not "how to do LightMix in post", it's "how to create an animation in post by varying the LightSelect elements" so you are creating an animation that lets you turn on and off lights, change their color, and their intensity, rather like in LightMix... just animated.

It would be very hard to animate the individual layer in Resolve if that layer is too dark, that is, does not have it's own correction applied and corrections were only applied to the final composite result. And I am not sure if your proposed set up DOES give a more accurate result or not - this was very much a bonus tutorial that already took far longer to create than anticipated due to fixing things like the imported EXRs being too dark to work with, and we have other, more directly Corona related content we need to focus on. As noted, the idea here is to make people go "Oh! You can animate it?" and show them a quick and simple way to do so, and then it's on them to learn more about Resolve or whatever their chosen post production software is if they find results from this route are not to their satisfaction - though the results were just fine for me, I was able to understand what was going on and get the results I would want from "animating LightMix" just fine :)

Anyway, do please feel free to create and post your own tutorial showing alternative and possibly "more correct" methods. YouTube is a big place and has room for lots of ways of tackling a problem!

EDIT for your new post - sure, but since it's an animation and they will be tweaking everything anyway, an identical match is not likely to be needed. After all, hue, exposure, mix strength, and more, are all going to be changed and changing.

ok, you convinced me.
if the tutorial was not about "how to do LightMix in post" but how to animate some layers then you are right - it's all good, it's animated now. success.

let me point out two last details.

the way both of you write about "imported EXRs being too dark", this being a "problem" and "fixing" it that "took longer than anticipated" does not inspire much confidence. it's not a problem: it's a view transform. Corona has it, Photoshop has it and you will find it everywhere where you view linear colour on a display.

and second detail - yes, you can animate in Photoshop. would be perfectly sufficient for this tutorial. just imagine the time saved on "fixing problems".


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