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How To Animate Corona Light Mix From One Frame

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Bit of a gripe - come on Corona Team - this one was sloppy. Please consider updating the video:

Do not use Gamut node on Fusion page, just select your exr layers. Use Adjustement Clip on top of your lightmix with ACES Transform effect. Adjustments to lights do on Color page.

Your example shows ACES OT applied, whereas we were doing no tone mapping in Corona to preserve a linear workflow (also do remember that ACES OT is NOT an ACES compatible workflow, and does not create ACES workflow files - it simply applies a curve that is one used in ACES to "sweeten" the image).

Anyway, there are certainly more ways than one to achieve an effect for sure so if you prefer your workflow and it gets you the results you are after, that is cool! Good that you shared it here too, ty!

However, we wanted to keep it to Fusion which is probably more intuitive for Corona users than the Color page (and easier to keyframe, I find, than doing things on the Color page). The Color Corrector node in Fusion is very similar to the Color Correct in Corona, which for someone new to Resolve may mean it "makes more sense" right away. We also wanted to avoid touching anything ACES at all in Resolve :)

Apologies up front but "bit of a gripe" becomes more of a rant I guess.

Reality is after Corona users learn from the Corona YT channel I get to work with some of them. If I manage to straighten things up now that means less hair pulling later on. Energy spend in the name of education.

You were doing no tone mapping? ok, but who is doing no tone mapping while rendering images in Corona? in what scenario this is the way to go?? When the image hits the screen it needs to be viewed with a proper transform. What is the default view transform in Corona? ACES OT. So lets use (almost) the same transform in Resolve, shall we? Corona crowd is a "defaults crowd", and it's ok, no need to fiddle with defaults. ACES OT is a great default.

You were preserving linear workflow? And then breaking it with gamma (Gamut node) before adding the lights together? Do LightMix the way Corona does it first (gain and multiply by colour) before anything else.

Regarding Fusion page over Color page - ok. More complicated and view lut would be welcome. On the Color page you see all your lights and the final result (Adjustement clip). But that is just preference, nothing wrong with doing it through Fusion.

edit: "We also wanted to avoid touching anything ACES at all in Resolve :)" - well, as the "sweetening curve" was named ACES OT - the cat is out of the bag now. And as the curve ACES OT was based on is build in Resolve - why not use it? Good defaults are good defaults.

Most of the tone mapping breaks linear workflow, that is, you can't then linear add the elements back together to get the correct result as some clamping has already happened. If you plan on doing LightMix in post, or pretty much any sort of corrections or grading, it is generally best to have no tone mapping in Corona, as you've moved that over to the post software (that is, if you are going to move one part over, you really have to move it all). This is similar to getting maximum control out of LightMix by keeping all lights white and of similar intensity - it does mean the Beauty pass is now nowhere near a final result, but it opens up the full flexibility of LightMix adjustments without running into noise, etc.

Lots of good advice here of course, and we're not looking to teach Resolve in detail, just to get people started with something that gives them the same results as the VFB as their starting point. We'd then hope they'd dive in to learning their post software in full to find all ways of doing things, this approach (given to me by some folks who use Resolve) certainly got me to a point where I got the Beauty back before going ahead to make LightMix style changes!

If time allows we might explore other ways of carrying things over from Corona to Resolve, but we really don't want to get into teaching other software so much as just let people know the possibilities and get them started, and we have lots of other Corona-side things to make tutorials on too. Cheers!

It’s not about teaching Resolve. It’s about basics of cgi. Addition, multiplication and displaying the result on a screen. Fallowing the video it is impossible to get the result matching what you get from Corona’s LightMix.


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