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Constant crashes with slate preview load

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This is going to be a half-assed bug report because I don't have much info to share on it, and I'm wayyyyyy too busy to try and de-bug at the moment, but I'm interested if anyone else is experiencing any similar issues?

Ever since upgrading to Corona 10:
I'm getting constant crashes when using slate material editor. It seems to happen when loading the preview textures/bitmaps/materials (I'm not sure) of legacy materials (but possibly also PBR mats too).

I will load up slate, select an object to retrieve its material, it will begin loading (rendering) the textures etc and quickly crash. I can't predict when this happens, but it's happening often. With some materials, and not others. Sometimes clearing the slate material editor helps, sometimes not. Sometimes it happens on a fresh scene, sometimes old. Sometimes happens 2 mins after loading file, sometimes 2 hours after loading 3ds max file.

I get the usual max error asking if I'd like to save a backup.

My only hunch is that out-of-core textures is causing this. (I had major issues with this back in C9 dailies). I say this as I see the material preview loading and get buggy when the crash happens, in a very similar way to how the out-of-core bug happened to me previously.

Is anyone else experencing similar issues with material preview loading causing crashes?
Is there any way to disable out-of-core textures (I don't want this feature anyway).

(apologies for not sharing bug report/scene - will try to do this asap).



--- Quote from: aaouviz on 2023-02-03, 08:53:04 ---Is there any way to disable out-of-core textures (I don't want this feature anyway).

--- End quote ---

Yes, there is. Look for the checkbox in render setup>performance>performance settings.

Excellent! Thank you. Will see if this changes anything and try to provide proper feedback :)

I have disabled OOCT right away and i have no Corona related crashes, but i'm on 9HF1, so likely that's unrelated to your issue.


This could be to do with the new material preview caching..

Which exact build are you using? If it's not the latest one, please first try updating to 2023-01-31 as we fixed a bunch of preview cache bugs there

If it still happens you can try to disable the preview caching here: render setup -> system -> system settings -> material editor -> enable caching

Lastly, can you send over the scene or problematic materials and we can work on fixing this asap :)




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