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Working with calibrated monitors- which color space?

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Thanks for your answer!

Wouldn't it be better though to edit in sRGB, mostly because when converting the image to sRGB it is a lot different from the aRGB version. Despite the smaller color range in sRGB it is at least edited in a way that it is the same for me en my client.

Sorry if I may sound confusing, I am a bit confused about this :)

Yeah you can do that as well, in fact it isn't big difference. But the "correct" way to keep all calculations in wider gamut and still see the correct output, is to use the "Proofing" function. You set your Proofing color to be sRGB, your working color space to be any wide gamut color space and you will always see the colors that you will get when you convert down to smaller output gamut that working one (aRGB --) sRGB).

There is a logical theory to do all color calculations in widest color gamut (like LAB) to avoid innacuracies and artifacts, but practical tests have shown the result is rarely affected at all. It's bit like audiophilia :- ). So using LAB colors is really more of a fetish at this point :- ). At least for general design/photography work.


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