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--- Quote from: mferster on 2023-06-03, 01:36:06 ---adds compatibility for 3ds max 2024

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But Hotfix 2 already had max 2024 compatibility

Minor fix for a problem with a particular, newer version of Cosmos. We were going to wait for Corona 10, but as more people updated their Cosmos, it became a more immediate problem, so we released the HF. It still wasn't that many affected, and if someone was affected they'd report a problem, and we'd tell them the solution of downloading the HF3. Meantime if no-one is experiencing issues, there was no need for them to update to HF3 with 10 being so close, hence no announcement.


--- Quote from: nowosek on 2023-06-01, 09:40:01 ---Hi,

I tested DB 10 RC1 on Windows 10 machine with AMD Thredripper 2970wx CPU and discovered that CPU usage drops from 100% to 50% compared to Version 9 (GI and rendering). Is this issue related to windows 10? When moved back to Version 9 everything works as expected.

Thank you,

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Do you have a scene handy that you can send to us? Instructions on how to do so can be found in my signature.



Hello Guys,

I am using 3D Studio Max 2024
And the latest version of Corona Daily Builds "RC1"

I attach a small gif where it shows the small detail that I noticed the difference.

That is, previously, by clicking on the up and down arrows, we could see the value changing from 0.10 to 0.20, 0,30... , which makes it easier to work with.

Now it always changes from 1 to 2, 3...

I think spinner iterations are globally defined by 3ds Max - i'm also using 3ds Max 2024 and Corona 10 RC1 and for me spinners are incremented not by fixed value but by 1%, as it always has been. Try to look for this somewhere in 3ds Max settings.


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