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Aram Avetisyan:
CoronaPatternMod modifier is out with first Corona 9 Daily build!
Create a surface, apply the modifier, set the pattern-geometry and boom!
Go ahead and share your results here.

Ink Visual:
Oh wow! That was unexpected, thought no new features are planned for next update, great stuff!

First of all, thank you very much for this guys! Really exciting and unexpected feature to have in Corona. After short amount of testing, i found some issues and have few requests for improving, which i'd like to share here.


* crop box disappears in viewport when you zoom closer to it, making fine adjustments very hard
* when random offset is not 0, then slightest touch to the pattern node is changing random seed, making the pattern quite unpredictable
Feature requests

* i think it would be more logical to have pattern offset at 0 by default, instead of 1
* it would be nice if adjusting pattern offset would move crop box gizmo in viewport, to provide better visual cue to the user
* it's nice that we have an option to choose UVWs between pattern and base objects, but sometimes (quite often) i want to have both. Maybe good solution would be to have dedicated surface map, like Chaos Scatter has, which would let to get base object's colours without sacrificing pattern object's UVs. In fact both, the Scatter and The Pattern could share the same map
* random offset is nice, but it has big drawback - it makes seams by not respecting pattern boundaries. I would love to have an option to distort pattern with map, or with in-built noise, that would preserve pattern boundaries. It would be basically the same as distorting base object's UVs, but on much finer level.

Duplicated from the main daily builds discussion tread

CoronaPattern works like a charm, I only have 2 questions:

1) is it possible to add a random rotation option, this would come in handy when scattering grass samples

2) Is it possible to add a scaling option (in order to get an overlap of individual patterns and not cut them strictly in a rectangle)
however, as far as I understand, point 2 is not feasible in the current realities

One more, while the IR is running and the checkbox "Use pattern material" is checked, then changes in the pattern material (for example, changing the color) are not updated, you must reassign the material or restart the interactive.


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