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New Unified UV Tile Control map

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1 - The idea is to unify the texture scale, size, rotation and displacement controllers in the material, the default method is to change it by the uv texture tile itself, but for that it is necessary to change each bitmap separately, i.e. the AO , Diff, Brightness and etc,
(there are also people who use the UVW XForma Modifier, but in this case I would have to go to the "ID Map" and change the model) the idea is to skip this part, and go straight to the material and change there, which would shorten the process.

2 - The idea is to unify the quantity and the Advanced Maps method of the material, instead of using a Triplanar for each channel (Diff, Gloss, Bump) this method insists on unifying the controllers of these channels in a single Triplanar, that is, , a material would not need multiple triplanes, just a control triplane mapping, and this goes for

- triplane
- MultiMap
- UVW Randomize

Great suggestion, that would be a great workflow improvement!

Nice. Its really annoying to adjust the uv parameters all over again, after being already adjusted before.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but it's already possible to link various parameters of different maps, so they could be modified from single place, it's called controllers.

As for your suggestion, i see couple big problems with it. First of all, AFAIK 3ds Max does not allow to plug multiple outputs into single input, but even if that would be possible, how on earth your suggested uber triplanar map should figure how to distribute all those inputs to correct slots?

This would be SO helpful.


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