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Toon Outlines

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Hi, I know this has sort of been requested, but again, Toon Outlines like Vraytoon would be invaluable, especially for technical type illustrations, like architecture. No need for a sophisticated shader, just the outlines with some vraytoon like settings (thickness, colour, inlusions/exclusions) would be a great start!!
Pretty please....

I agree with you. Please add Toon Outlines.

Asked for this for several years now, but seems like it is very low priority :(
But absolutely +1 for this.

BTW - you can vote it up in the "most wanted feature" thread.

I have just made sure that this is correctly reported as a feature request.

(Internal ID=582826598)

+1 to this feature. Just requested it but my feature request got insta deleted due to duplication 😂


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