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barndoors (fuzzy area light edges)

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Would it be possible to get 'built in' barn doors? Directly in the light parameters(like in Maya). It would give you much more control over your light.

Hi, I had to google to find out what it is. :)
Do you have any practical use for this?

In Corona you could play with the directionality parameter, change light shape, and/or use a custom texture for the light. Using a procedural texture should give you a lot of flexibility.

Another idea is to model the "shutters" manually. :)

Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think directionality in CoronaLights does exactly the same thing that barn doors on softboxes does. Only that Corona ones are infinitely long.

Well, I am not sure how it works in Maya, but if it does this:

Then in Corona you can't do it with a disc light using directionality only.

Oh, i overlooked "like in Maya" part :] I was refering to real world barn doors modifiers.


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