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masking of blend materials

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Hey community!
With the release of Corona 1.3, I hoped that finally materials IDs of sub-materials would be detected by CMasking_masks... see the attached pic: I need that plastic, print and the silver band on the top left appear on different masks. But they do not :-(

In Vray I could get separate masks and that was super useful in compositing.
Am I the only one to be annoyed by this issue? For me it's very important!

Any suggestion to obtain the masks...?
Thank you!

Hi, it's working here fine, unless i misunderstood your question.

Hello romullus, thanks for answering!
In your example, you're working with a Multi/Sub-Object material, while I am interested in separating materials assigned with a blend... my materials don't follow polygons.

Did you try CShading_SourceColor [diffuse]? Maybe that would do the job?

I just tried it, but it's not good in all scenarios!
I have a workaround with light materials, but a separate render is needed in order to calculate the masks. It' annoying and time-consuming.

Am I the only one in need of this kind of masks...?
For me it's fundamental for fine tuning of colors and reflections with the client...


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