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Batch Editing Images with Corona Image Editor

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By popular demand, we have just released a script which allows you to batch edit CXR images with the Corona Image Editor.
Example use: save 100 frames of an animation in .cxr format, perform specific post processing operations and denoising on all of them, and output them in .png format.

The script comes with a help file and an example CXR, which you can experiment with.

The script can be downloaded here: [ LINK ]

Here is also a general guide on the CIE:

-Corona Image Editor installed
-Active Corona Renderer license

And now... Photoshop plugin! :-) Yes?

NOt bad. Buut, I hope, in some integration inside the CIE in the next Corona release.  Batch  isn't very friendly.



I have encountered a problem with the script.

Basically, I do not have the CoronaImageCMD.exe. I have the CoronaImage.exe but not the command line version.
Should this be part of the standard install?

Corona version: 1.6
Full-speed, Non-debug, MaxSDK 2015
Build timestamp: Apr 24 2017 11:38:13
Defines: Wide RGB


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