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Hardware / Data storage-Archiving Older files/projects
« on: 2022-04-23, 01:05:22 »
Hey All,

I'm just wondering what systems people are using for data storage? I'm currently running a Synology NAS DS918+ with 5Tb of data, it's coming close to being full and I'm wondering if there is a better solution or should I just upgrade the amount of storage in my NAS?

Also, do people here archive there old projects by moving them to external HDD's, or what solutions do you use for this?

Much appreciated.

Just wondering if there is any derived benefit of changing my workflow in max from mm to cm?
I've worked in archiviz for 13 years and just always used mm, but after reading around I've noticed that a lot of ppl are using cm...?

Hey all,

I having trouble getting the shadowcatcher to behave how I'm wanting, I have a basic studio set up - whereby i'm rendering out objects (Furniture) on a curved white backdrop, it's being illuminated by a hdri and a couple of corona lights. If I render the scene without the shadowcatcher it comes out exactly as I'm wanting, however, I need to be able to remove the backdrop in photoshop and compose the shadows in. The CShading_Shadows is too noisy, so that doesn't work.

Is there a way that I can do this with the shadowcatcher?

Basically, I'd like to not be able to see the shadowcatcher at all in my scene and just have the alpha with the shadows so that I can remove the background and comp my object and shadows into a new background in photoshop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I get a lot of crashes if i try to adjust a material when using interactive rendering. simple things like changing the refl colour and max just completely crashes, no attempt to save the scene in autoback just completely closes out...

is this common, or is there something going on here locally..? I'm using corona 6 hot fix 1 on a TR3970 w/ 128Gb RAM and max 21.


Just curious if it is necessary or advisable to increase the displacement size as the image size increases?

I've been having trouble rendering an 8k image, which just crashes when calculating displacement... I've enabled 2.5D and after upping the value from default 2 to 4 it seems to have got through it and is now rendering...

I'm running a TR3970 w/ 128Gb Ram which I would think was plenty? the scene also seemed to render ok with the default settings at 5k...?

would this be a preferabe cpu over the 3970x?

I don't understand the specs at all but here's the list of comparison...

Hardware / Blurry max UI with new Dell 27" 4k monitor...
« on: 2020-08-26, 14:11:38 »
Hey all, I recently got a Dell U2720Q 4k monitor that I'm intending to use as my main monitor and I'll use my 2 U2415H either side of it...
however, with 175% scaling - which is what makes the text/icons the "right" size, they whole UI is blurry...

I've played around with the settings in the "Change High DPI settings" in the 3dsmax.exe context menu but I just can't seem to get it to work...

can anyone here help?

I'm running windows 10 and max 21.

Thanks in advance.

Hey all,

Just wondering if there are any affinity users out there who have figured out how to use the flood selection tool (or other tool) to make blanket colour selections with the wirecolour/mask/maskID render elements?


[Max] I need help! / Best revit model workflow
« on: 2020-08-09, 12:08:00 »
Hey all,

Just wanting some advice on the best way to work with revit (fbx) models...?
If I import them via file import-import, the geometry comes in particularly shite... I've just found that you can link an fbx file via file - references - manage links, the geometry comes in much cleaner...

I'm just wondering is there a "best" method for working with models exported from Revit...? Is fbx the best file format?

Any help is much appreciated!


I need to create the geometry for a large box filled with small carbon pellets.
I've tried a few pflow tutorials but it seems that the number of pellets required to fill the box is too large...

does anyone have any other suggestions?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hardware / Benchmark slowed down 3 secs over time... why
« on: 2020-04-29, 00:59:38 »
Hey all,

Just wondering what would/might cause my benchmark results to slow down over time? I know this is broad but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Is there any issue in just buying an additional 64GB ram of the same brand and type and adding it to the remaining 4 DDR4 slots?
the machine is a AMD TR 2950X/64GB Vengance LPX 3200/Gigabyte X399 AORUS XTREME

I've heard in the past that you should buy all the RAM at the same time...?

Any help is much appreciated.

Scene parsing and computing sec GI were taking forever, so after fishing around here there was an old post about turning off
"limit to visibility" on the forest pack pro objects... this seems to have helped... there's only 6 FPPro objects in my scene but
it definitely seems to be causing issues and making the scene drag and render slow... is there a known issue?

I've also changed the sec GI to path tracing... from UHD, so not sure if that has helped or not.

It would be good if there was a thread/sticky that listed some of the current limitations/issues and fixes when it comes to corona and FPPro...?

Im using 3dsMax 2019, Corona 2 (RC3), FPPro 6.1.2

General CG Discussion / What's the verdict on 3ds Max 2019?
« on: 2018-08-16, 01:31:23 »
Currently on 2018 and wondering if it's worth the upgrade..?
Is it stable?

[Max] Feature Requests / Saving Render Elements ala VRay
« on: 2018-08-14, 05:53:26 »
Hey all,

I'm new to Corona but I would really love to see an option to save render elements in the same way VRay/Deadline does, where by you can specify a separate path and naming and file extension.
Having to edit things in the asset tracker is laborious and painful, as is using scripts etc, it would be great to be able to just add the folder/directory where you'd like them saved and specify the naming and file type...


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