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Bucket mode logic


Nejc Kilar:
Hey guys,

Hope I'm not asking something that has been asked a thousand times before (yeah I did a check up before posting) but could someone please explain the basic logic behind the bucket mode in Cinema 4D as it currently is?

What I would like to know is how many passes actually happen if the initial pass is set to 32 samples for example. After the first pass it counts as 32 but what is the math behind the 2nd pass? Does it go x2 or ^2?

I know something like this has been discussed in the past but I did not find a clear answer and I am not sure if the system in 3ds max is working the same as in Cinema 4D.

Anyone? Thanks!

edit: typo

The init passes always quadruple the sample amount for each adaptive pass. So, using 32 init passes is horribly wrong. ;)

Nejc Kilar:
Ahh, so it quadruples, that certainly explains a lot :) The 32 init settings kind of work best for me in 3/4 of the scenarios. It renders super fast the first pass, and the second cleans it up to a pretty much noise free render.

Major kudos for the info btw ;)

Just in case some Max users don't notice which forum section this is:

This works different in Corona 1.0 for 3ds Max. Buckets simply perform [samples per iteration] per each pass.

Thank you.


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