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Some questions

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Hi Corona team.

I've been starting using Corona C4D for few weeks.

I've some questions.
1-When are you gonna implement fur material in Corona?
2-When are we gonna use HDR with Corona sky? it doesn't work yet
3-Could you implement a realtime progressive render in Corona C4D? I dunno if it's possible with this software

Thank you
I really like this renderer! you rocks!

1. Fur material will probably be implemented when the 1.0 arrives.So,hopefully it will be shipped fully featured.
2. It works already. Just create a sky objext and a material, load a HDRI into the emission channel, apply the material to your sky object. Et voila. :)
3.Hopefully same as 1.

Have you tried Cinema's own "Interactive Render Region"?
This works like almost a real time progressive mode in my eyes...

Yes I tried it, and it's quite efficient that's true.
But Corna sky with hdr doesn't work

Shawn Astrom:

Magic Preview works as well!


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