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Does anyone know a workaround for the animation rendering bug? I can't render more than two frames... :-(

Could you be more specific?... What animation bug?.
The only one i heard off is a Realflow phoenix related one of frames not updating and it has a solution here on thye forums using some scripting.

I can't render more than two frames als C4D crashes. The Bug is known by the maker of Corona... Maybe someone knows a workaround in C4D...?
Someone told me to copy all of the objects in a new file: Does not help for me.

I'm still trying to figure out what causes the crashes too. sometimes it all renders out fine, but more often it crashes after 1-3 frames. I've read it's caused by animating the focal distance, but it seems that's not the only cause. Currently I just restart C4D and try it again until I get it to work. I've had most success using the render queue rather than the picture viewer but it may just be coincidence...

In fact an animation that crashed last night after 1 frame, I re-opening and started re-rendering again today. Without making any changes whatsoever to the file it seems to be rendering out without any issues, so I guess maybe there's no real "cause"

I didn't use the focus lengh..
also, it does not work by rendering using the commandline.


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