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First public release

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Thanks for all your hardwork.
The UI looks very neat. Great job.


--- Quote from: Marvey on 2014-09-04, 19:23:06 ---
--- Quote from: gootman on 2014-09-04, 18:42:46 ---Cool) One quaestion.. I can`t to configure camera (in global setting or Corona camera).. If i change shutter speed or F-stop - i don`t see any reaction on visiualising... I see same light anytime...

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me too i have the same probleme
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Is this already reported? When i use Bidir / VCM and if my lights has occlude other lights feature ON then the light object will generate dark area even when it is invisible to camera.

I took screenshot which will explain this bug... If it is bug.. I am not sure is it bug or not.

Ludvik Koutny:
Bidir/VCM does not support fakes, does not support many Corona features, and is slower in most of the scenes. It's just experimental engine. Use Progressive, it's set as default for a reason.

I just want real-time update of exposure/wb/contrast <3


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