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Question Mark Icon in OM


Hi All,

I have just started testing Corona. When I add a Corona object such as a camera or light, there is a question mark (?) icon next to the object. Is this something wrong?

I am also getting some weird results for a simple render. Can anyone give me a simple C4D file with simple settings to see if things are OK? I was getting an error message that I was missing files on my OS since installing Corona. I had to install the 2013 C++ visual studio sdk update.

These are missing the icons yet .... reported that a while back and hope they add
icons to help identify them .

If anybody wants those temporary icons, leave me a note. :)
(You have to add those icons via a custom script)

Looks good show that to Ondra! I think they can implement it

Yes, we will use it, thanks ;)


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