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Hello to all, I noticed on some scene that if I click onto an object on the object manager, Corona refreshes the VFB. This happen when I click into a tag, object name, material icon without make a real action.
On some scene it doesn't happens...and I can click everywhere without see the VFB refreshing...

It is there a special situation that Corona doesn't refresh the VFB?

Hi there, this shouldn't happening. What version are you using?

latest release of C4D and Corona 10.
This behavior happens since previously release...but happens only on certain situation...during our workflow initially it doesn't happen but after some actions, as materials creation and finalizing it starts to refresh the vfb each time I click into objects, tag, and so on.
This happen on all my computer here...only curiosity..

EDIT: look the video:

Thanks for the info. Can you also test the latest V11 daily to see if it's happening with that as well? I see you're using a mac so I'd be interested if it only happens with them.

Hi Ben, unfortunately I can't try the Corona11 due to a workin progress jobs. I seen this behavior on Corona Render 9 too...


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