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Reflections doubts

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Reflection can't be brighter than the actual object itself, that's right, but what part of the environment is reflected directly from the object and what is reflected as a secondary reflection, is not necessarily the same thing. Highlight from the sun, or other bright light source can be invisible on the object, because its curvature, but when that same object is reflected in another surface, the highlight may appear visible and it may look that the object became brighter. It's simply optics. Corona does not invent things and it is physically accurate, Corona materials are written with energy conservation in mind, so you can be assure that they don't break physics laws.

Ok, that's clear now.

Another example.
Here I have a mirror with a brushed metallic frame.
I decided to use a light with low intensity to add a spotlight on the curve of the frame.
The light is visible in reflection and included only the mirror and not the wall covering, so the luminous part of covering is due only to mirror reflection
In my mind, the wall covering should reflect the dark mirror I saw in the image, instead I have that large amount of light that I can't see on the mirror itself.
If I turn off visible in reflection from light, everything seems to be normal.

I think you are struggling to understand the principles of how light is reflected and what exactly a mirror plane does vs what you as the observer (or the camera) sees. If you look at reflective surfaces in the real world around you you'll probably see many of these seemingly 'wrong' reflections happening.

You are absolutely right. :-D

I tried to simulate a similar situation in reality... glossy ipad reflecting black brushed bin...
I can't find out how the reflection in my render can be so luminous...

But ok,  stop struggling.


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