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Reflections doubts

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I can't solve this issue.
Is it normal, in your opinion, that reflections are so strong?
I attached two screens from a kitchen: in the first one, you can see the reflection of the wall burned, while wall it is not; in the second one, reflection of dishes is brighter than dishes himselves, with a strong spotlight that is not present on dishes.
How is it possible that reflections turn out far brighter than the reflected object?
Where is my error?
Best regards,

Seems to be normal. I'm guessing it depends on the viewing angle vs light direction, IOR of the receiving surface. Can you share the material settings? Or a test scene? 

Material it's a simple surface with glossiness .99 and ior 1.5
In my opinion it can be possible such a behaviour.
Even with a mirror, reflection can't be brighter than reflected object.

Now I'm rendering a still image. As soon as render ends, I'll try to prepare a simple scene to share.

Also, which version of Corona, and which version of C4D?

Corona 9 with cinema 2023


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