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Making clusters of vegetation with Chaos Scatter in C4D

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I think it's called distribution, or something like that. I'm pretty sure it has to be in C4D version too, since it's pretty much essential feature. Maybe someone from C4D user will chime in and reveals its exact location.

I don't think its possible, I've searched all through the options in C4D. Very strange because I would think this would be one of the most basic features that a scatter system would have...

Tried using scale to map the distribution by creating a scale range from 0% to 100%, then adding a noise map, but it works poorly. I have to increase the count to absurdly high numbers, and then when I hit render, the objects appear very sparse and do not match the viewport density for some reason (see attached).

Hi there,
A workaround for this would be using a Noise shader for the Scale as mentioned above.
I'm including a sample file and screenshot of the result.
I hope this helps.
The Chaos Scatter will be improved in future versions.
In the meantime, I hope this helps.
Kind regards.

Yes that is the method that I'm showing above. It simply doesn't work well; its seems fussy and difficult to control, as I can't seem to get the areas with the plants to be particularly dense. Even though I have the count set to something like 500000, only a fraction of those are showing up in the render. Also the bounding boxes seem like the correct scale in the viewport preview, but it seems like all of the objects are considerably smaller in the render.


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