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Corona Scatter Problem

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Hi all,

I'm having a problem with Corona Scatter. I'm attaching a screenshot- basically I'm trying to distribute 1 object on a plane (in a very simple, straightforward scene), and the scatter will distribute the object everywhere except the plane.

Any ideas for resolution? Thank you!

UPDATE: Objects modeled in Max will scatter properly (a cone, a torus, etc), the problem occurs when I try to scatter imported assets (Trees from MaxTree). They will scatter, but completely off-target.

The "plane" apparently has a large bounding box (seen in white) - how is it being modified and distorted, as it is clearly warped in some way so is not a straightforward plane?

Hi Tom, how are you?
Thank you for your swift response.
No, it's not a straightforward plane- nevertheless, I tried it out in the same scene with a completely normal and flat plane and the problem persists. This only occurs with imported assets and not objects modeled in Max.
I'm attaching an image!

@Tom, the bounding box is not from plane, it's from scatter.

@miacreed, try resetting scattered object's xform and set its pivot point at the base, this should resolve any problems.

Yep indeed it's from Scatter, but it's what Scatter sees the plane as being like ;) And yep based on the extra info of these being imported objects, your solutions should be the ones to resolve it!


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