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Grass floating (Corona Scatter) above ground?


Any way I am able to fix this?

does it have something to do with 'stepping angle'? or 'stepping percentage'?


--- Quote from: JEK5019 on 2022-03-15, 15:46:24 ---does it have something to do with 'stepping angle'? or 'stepping percentage'?

--- End quote ---

Nope stepping controls the increments that are randomly selected in your transformations.

for example if you make the stepping angle 15% it will choose only the angles divisible by 15 between 0 and 360 ( 15, 30,45,60, etc...).

But the scattering flying in the air is definitely weird , since I cant see it happening anywhere else on your  surface. There is nothing obvious about your settings that seems out of place . Are you using any kind of displacement on your scatter surface?

With problem solving these kind of issues I like to start simple and go through the different parts that could be contributing to the problem one by one.
Like try changing your scatter surface to a flat plane, collapsing your meshes, remove the Corona Distance map, Reset Xforms, check displacements. This feels like a problem that can be figured out by being methodical with your process.


Are you using some displacement on the base object there?

A current limitation of Scatter is that it does not work well when the distribute object is displaced using render time displacement (i.e. Corona Displacement).
A workaround for this would be to use a 3ds Max displace modifier on the object, which displaces the acutal geometry.

Let me know if this solves the problem for you.



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